Nicole Morales, LM, CPM is a home birth midwife, Approved Spinning Babies Trainer, and Certified Birthing From Within Mentor from San Diego, CA. She has an extensive amount of knowledge and experience regarding breech birth which is why we asked her to come on the show and talk with us about this often misunderstood topic. Here’s an overview of what’s covered in this episode:

  • Nicole’s background, including how she became a birth worker and her own experience giving birth to a breech baby
  • The point of pregnancy at which it’s normal/common for a baby to be breech vs. the time when someone might want to begin activities to encourage a baby to turn
  • The different types of breech presentation and how common it is for babies to present breech
  • Why breech birth is so controversial
  • Studies on the safety of vaginal breech birth, including the highly problematic Term Breech Trial that led to a drastic reduction in vaginal breech delivery
  • Possible causes of a breech presentation
  • How to prevent a baby from being breech
  • Things you can do to encourage a breech baby to turn head down, including body work and an external cephalic version (ECV)
  • Your delivery options for a baby who remains in the breech position
  • Some insight into vaginal breech deliveries, including some things that a provider may look for to assess whether the delivery is progressing normally

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