Monitrice (Doula) Services

A monitrice is a midwife acting as a doula. With the extra skills a monitrice possesses, they provide prenatal, labor, and postpartum support but are not your primary care provider. People usually hire a monitrice instead of a doula if they want to be able to listen to the baby’s heartbeat at home in labor or would like to have cervical checks and the advanced labor management that comes along with them. They offer advanced postpartum support as well. Read more below!

Monitrice Service Includes: 

2 prenatal visits including: birth plan writing, instructing the birth partner in comfort measures for labor,  nutrition and supplement assessment, and pregnancy/birth complication prevention, if desired.

Labor and birth support including: comfort measure tools, cervical checks if desired, optimal fetal positioning, fetal heart beat monitoring, and labor management to promote an efficient labor. 

4 1-2 hour postpartum visits including: breastfeeding support, baby weight checks, baby care, light massage, maternal mental health assessment, full postpartum maternal assessment.

Pricing: $2500-$3700, sliding scale 

Postpartum Services

Most people giving birth in the hospital do not get adequate postpartum care. This can lead to abandonment of breastfeeding or chestfeeding, neglected maternal mental health, and lack of awareness of dangerously elevated blood pressure. Hiring a midwife to do a home visit could be a gift for the friend or family member you know needs support, or something you plan on for yourself.


  • Postpartum home visits include:
  • Full baby wellness and weight check
  • Breastfeeding or chestfeeding assessment
  • Full mom/birth parent wellness check
  • Mental wellness assessment
  • Birth story processing, if desired 
  • Blood testing, if needed
  • Nutrition/Supplement assessment, if desired
  • Vaginal steaming direction, if desired 

Pricing: 1 hour visit $150-$250, sliding scale  


Reproductive Health Visits

A reproductive wellness visit can provide much more than just a pap test!

A 60 minute appointment gives us time do:

  • Do a pap test and a blood test if desired
  • Review your menstrual health
  • Review your sexual health and birth control options
  • Provide resources for healing from some abnormal paps with botanical therapies.

A 30 minute appointment gives us time for: 

  • Do a pap test and a blood test if desired
  • Review your sexual health and birth control options



30 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $125