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Meet Karly

You Deserve What You Want

…And when you’re pregnant, what you want is generally simple: safety, support, respect, and good bedside manner. Karly provides all 4 with her trauma informed approach to care, her love of people, and 20+ years of experience as a midwife.

What makes Karly unique?

Karly keeps up with current research.  This gives her the ability to provide current, unbiased information and not judge your decisions. She always strives to make you feel heard and respected.

Karly anticipates your needs. With 20 years of experience, intuition, and a genuine desire to make you feel supported, Karly meets most needs  in labor and postpartum without being asked, providing guidance in a way that never leaves you feeling lost or without help.

Safety. Experience, intuition, and good protocols help Karly to keep you and baby safe during pregnancy and beyond. Her presence and support during birth process will help you feel calm and confident. If there is a need for higher level care, she will always communicate immediately.

With around 800 births attended and nearly two decades of clinical experience as a licensed midwife, Karly was first introduced to the birth world when her mom gave birth to her two younger brothers at home.

At age 19 she pursued her dream of becoming a midwife and started her studies at the Midwives College of Utah in 1999 where she became a Certified Professional Midwife. Since then she interned at a busy birth center in El Paso, TX, became a Licensed Midwife in California, gained experience working at a birth center in San Diego, started her own practice, volunteered delivering babies in Senegal, West Africa, co-wrote and co-hosted the Birth Kweens podcast, and acquired certifications as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Vaginal Steam Practitioner.

Other interests include travel, biking, ceramics,  dance, and learning Spanish.


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