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Andrea Pond is the guest of this episode and she’s here to talk about the births of her three kids, Watson, Maggie, and Nora. With her son Watson she’d planned to give birth at an out-of-hospital birth center but after going 24 hours with her water broken and no contractions, she transferred to a hospital where she eventually gave birth via cesarean. She shares about how she processed that experience and what she did to prepare for the birth of her second child, Maggie, which was an unmedicated VBAC in a birth center. For her third birth, Andrea planned another unmedicated VBAC,  but this time she delivered at home with Karly as her midwife. It was a longer and more challenging labor than her last one and the birth and postpartum involved some difficult and scary moments. Andrea shares very candidly about all of it and includes a fun surprise at the end of the episode!

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