In this week’s episode of Birth Kweens, Karly and Ali talk with acupuncturist and massage therapist Ryan Lee about healing from a cesarean birth. Ryan has lots of experience with scar tissue remediation so Karly and Ali interview him about the impacts of c-section scar tissue and ways to heal from a surgical birth. Here’s an overview of the high points of this episode:

  • What is scar tissue and why can it be harmful
  • The abnormal lines of pull that result from cesarean scars and the impact on the rest of the body
  • The function of fascia
  • The symptoms/issues that can result from cesarean scar tissue
  • The healing power of deep diaphragmatic breathing
  • Ways to treat c-section scars and how doing scar tissue remediation can improve seemingly unrelated issues in the rest of the body
  • The essential role that nutrition plays in postpartum healing
  • Using castor oil packs and essential oils to aid in healing

Thanks for listening, Kweens! We hope you enjoy learning more about healing c-section scars. (Also, we are sorry about the sub-par quality of this week’s audio. Your Birth Kweens are podcast amateurs and are still trying to work out the bugs in the system. Thanks for sticking with us!)

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