In this episode, we’re speaking with Dr. Najmeh Hannanvash, DDS, MSD about treatment options for tongue and lip ties. Dr. Hannanvash is a board certified pediatric dentist who owns and operates Little Star Pediatric Dentistry in San Diego, CA. Here’s what we cover:

  • Hannanvash’s background and how she got into this field
  • The anatomy of ties (what they are, where they’re located, the different types, etc.)
  • Info about posterior tongue ties and how they’re different from a “regular” tongue tie
  • Who’s qualified to diagnose a tie and what the diagnostic criteria are
  • Long-term implications of tongue/lip ties besides just feeding issues
  • How a tongue/lip tie revision is performed. What a family can expect during and after the procedure.
  • The pros and cons of each revision method
  • What the after care is like for a revision (healing, stretches, follow up appts, etc.)
  • How often the revisions are successful and what defines success
  • Whether a tie always requires a revision. The factors a family should take into consideration when making the decision.
  • Hannanvash’s opinion on the reasons behind the sharp increase in tongue tie diagnoses in recent years
  • Suggested resources from Dr. Hannanvash:

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