Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC is a lactation consultant in San Diego, CA. She launched the San Diego Breastfeeding Center in 2009 and has recently published her first book, Latch: A Handbook for Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage. Robin was kind enough to sit down with the Birth Kweens to discuss the feeding implications of tongue and lip ties. Here’s an overview of what’s covered in this episode:

  • What tongue and lip ties are (different types, where they’re found anatomically, etc.)
  • How tongue/lip ties are diagnosed and whether lactation consultants are qualified to make a diagnosis
  • How ties can impact breastfeeding and whether they always present a problem
  • When ties usually start to impact feeding (whether it’s immediate or if issues can present later on)
  • Whether a tie can impact a bottle fed baby
  • Some of the things that parents can look for at home that might signify their baby has a tie
  • What parents should do if they suspect their baby has a tie (including what type of care provider they should see to get it diagnoses/treated)
  • What kind of lactation/feeding support a family usually needs after getting their baby’s tongue and/or lip ties revised
  • Robin’s input on why it seems like there’s such a high incidence of lip and tongue ties these days
  • Resources suggested by Robin
  • Click here to listen to Robin’s first interview with us about how to set yourself up for success with breastfeeding
  • Click here to buy Robin’s book!



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