Dominique Richey is sharing her two birth stories with us this week! Dominique is a mom of two who lives with her family in the Houston, TX area. Both of her children were born in San Diego (her 6yo daughter at a hospital and her 4yo son at home with kween Karly!). Both were unmedicated vaginal deliveries, although they were two very different experiences. The birth of her daughter was long and relatively uneventful (healthy baby born after a few days of labor), but Dominique experienced a lot of push back from the hospital staff. Because she didn’t feel well supported from the hospital during her first birth, she opted for a home birth for baby #2. Her son’s labor also spanned a couple of days and was a very positive experience aside from a pretty significant shoulder dystocia. We hope you enjoy listening to these two awesome birth stories from one badass kween!

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