In this week’s episode of Birth Kweens, Karly and Ali discuss cesarean births. The Kweens explain the practical ins and outs of c-sections (how the surgery usually goes, what you can expect your partner’s role to be, etc.). They also delve into some of the emotional/mental aspect of this kind of birth. In the Kweens’ humble opinion, the natural birth community doesn’t do a very good job of preparing women for necessary, unplanned cesareans and oftentimes the result is unnecessary birth trauma and shame. The goal of this episode is to de-vilify necessary or desired cesareans and to emphasize that natural, vaginal birth is NOT morally superior to a birth with interventions. Here are some of the specifics covered in this episode:

  • WHO’s recommendations for cesarean rates
  • The possible downside of using labor/birth affirmations
  • The importance of mentally preparing for any kind of birth, no matter what kind of birth you’re planning to have
  • The misconception that just because birth is a ‘natural’ bodily function, that means it always goes smoothly or that it’s within our control
  • The importance of taking the moral judgment out of medical interventions. They aren’t inherently good or evil, they are simply tools to be used when they are needed or desired.
  • Reasonable expectations to have regarding interventions in birth
  • Some things that come up during pregnancy/birth that necessitate a cesarean
  • How to have a gentle, family-centered cesarean (great article from Wellness Mama)
  • Vaginal seeding
  • Microbirth Documentary
  • Planned vs. unplanned cesareans, and how unplanned cesareans are different than emergency ones
  • How most cesareans go, from surgery prep to the recovery

Whether a cesarean was necessary or planned, they still require special healing. Join us next week for a discussion on healing from a cesarean and how a c-section scar can influence a woman’s overall physical health.

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