In this episode of the podcast, we’re talking with Megan Ameral Limon, CD(DONA) about postpartum doulas. Megan has been practicing as a doula in San Diego, CA since 2014. She joined us to talk about what postpartum doulas do and why having postpartum support is so important. Here’s what you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Megan’s background and why she was drawn to postpartum doula work
  • What a postpartum doula is and how to become trained and certified
  • What a typical shift for a postpartum doula usually includes
  • Why having a postpartum doula is helpful for the WHOLE family and how doulas provide a different kind of support than other family and friends
  • Why healthy, balanced nutrition is so important in the postpartum period
  • What to look for when interviewing postpartum doulas
  • What is and is NOT included in the scope of a postpartum doula
  • The role that postpartum doulas can play in supporting families through postpartum mood disorders
  • The books on postpartum that Megan recommends:

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