This week we’re joined by the lovely Stephanie Dodier, CNP. Stephanie is a nutritionist, podcast host, writer, and natural born leader dedicated to helping women make peace with food and their body. She joined us to explore intuitive eating and body image, specifically as they relate to women of childbearing age. Here’s an overview of what’s covered in this episode:

  • Stephanie’s story of food dependence and addiction and how she overcame it
  • Discussion about body image and food behavior during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Some data about how women are impacted by media in regards to their body image
  • Other factors that contribute to people feeling shame about their bodies
  • The Health At Every Size movement Stephanie talks about
  • The link between trauma and unhealthy food behaviors
  • Discussion about the polyvagal theory and how it can explain stress eating
  • The concept of body neutrality and how striving for that leads to acceptance, self-compassion, and positive change
  • Where to begin to start healing your relationship with food and your body
  • The 4thTrimester Bodies Project that Ali and Karly mention
  • Stephanie’s podcast The Beyond the Food Show
  • Stephanie’s program The Beyond the Food Academy
  • Info about Going Beyond the Food Project, Stephanie’s free online conference taking place Oct 8-19, 2018
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