Today is the fourth episode in our series on preparing for birth, and we’re talking about the importance of having realistic expectations for labor and birth. The goal of this episode is to reduce the trauma and shame that often results from unmet birth expectations and to show you that there’s no wrong way to have a baby!

Here’s what we talked about:

  • The downsides of the natural birth movement, and why you should never feel shame or disappointment about your body or your birth
  • The difference between having a birth plan and having birth preferences – and which one you should focus on
  • How to stop the judgement and misperceptions around different types of births
  • The 5 P’s that influence labor – the Powers, the Passenger, [Fetal] Position, [Maternal] Position, the Psyche.
  • Some first and second-time baby birth myths and what to really expect instead
  • The only two things the Birth Kweens guarantee for anyone – regardless of your birth plan or expectations

Things Mentioned in this Episode:

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