Wendy Powell, Dip PT is an internationally renowned and certified postpartum exercise specialist, award winning entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of MUTU.

Following a successful media and advertising career, Wendy retrained as a personal trainer in 2001, before focusing on pregnancy and postpartum exercise. After a decade of working with moms, studying with industry experts and doing extensive personal research, as well as becoming a mother herself twice over, Wendy maintained the passionate belief that there was a better way to help moms with postpartum body issues and so the MUTU System was born. Derived from ‘mummy tummy’, the MUTU System is an award-winning restorative online exercise program – a series of high quality coaching and real-time workout videos, accessed via a membership site and a follow-on app. Wendy offers expertise and guidance to moms who want to shift the ‘mummy tummy’, heal their core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, and be truly body confident inside and out. Here’s an overview of what the kweens discuss with Wendy in this episode of the show:

  • Wendy’s background, how she started MUTU, and how her own two birth experiences influenced the development of the program
  • How and why women are so underserved by the fitness industry, especially during the postpartum period, and what needs to change to fix this
  • The importance of reconnecting with your body after you give birth (and why it’s essential to do this BEFORE returning to exercise)
  • MUTU’s mission and target audience
  • The definition of diastasis recti and how to check yourself for it
  • Common misconceptions about diastasis recti and why it’s not actually the problem, but rather a symptom of an underlying problem
  • What is included in the MUTU System 12 Week Program and why it’s so much more than just an exercise program!
  • Resources/ mentioned in this episode:

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