Laura Ehlers is a holistic health consultant, wife, and mom to Eliotte, who was born twelve weeks early. Laura, a Wisconsin native, was on vacation in San Diego in March of 2017 when her water broke at 24 weeks pregnant. She was immediately put on bedrest at a high-risk hospital in San Diego where she remained until Eliotte was born at 28 weeks. Here’s an overview of what Laura shares in this episode of the podcast:

  • The story of how Laura ended up on bedrest in a San Diego hospital at 24 weeks pregnant
  • The birth she had been hoping/planning to have, and how she had to surrender those plans after being put on bedrest with a ruptured bag of water at 24 weeks along
  • What the prognosis was for Eliotte when Laura’s water broke at 24 weeks
  • How Laura and her husband continued to advocate for themselves and their baby despite being in such a high-risk situation where many
  • What it was like for Laura to spend ~4 weeks on complete bedrest in the hospital and some tips and tricks she recommends for people who are dealing with the same thing
  • The story of Eliotte’s birth – a vaginal delivery following spontaneous labor at 28 weeks and 5 days, Eliotte was born at 2lbs 2.9oz and
  • What it was like to give birth to such a tiny baby and what Laura and her husband did to prepare for their time in the NICU
  • How much time baby Eliotte spent in the NICU and some helpful tips and tricks that Laura suggests to get through your own NICU experience
  • What it was like to transition Eliotte from the NICU to being home
  • Laura’s suggestions for healing from a difficult labor/birth/NICU experience

If you’re interested in learning more about the work that Laura does to empower chemically conscious women to make the best choices for their lives regarding their homes and personal care routines, you can visit her website, follow her on Instagram and YouTube, or check out her podcast, Non-Toxic Pursuits.

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