In this episode, we continue our topic of prenatal nutrition before. Today we focus more on what NOT to do and things to avoid. (If you’re looking for info on what you SHOULD eat, check out Episode #3!)

Here’s what we talked about today:

  • The many benefits of fish oil to you and your baby, plus how much to take during each trimester of pregnancy
  • Concerns about caffeine and coffee before and during pregnancy
  • The top foods to definitely avoid during pregnancy and why
  • The listeria bacteria: what it is and where you can find it
  • Why to steer clear of sugar and what might happen if you don’t
  • The negative effects of drinking soda and artificial sweeteners
  • If it’s ever OK to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol during pregnancy
  • Some surprising OTC and prescription drugs that could be impacting your baby
  • The dangers of endocrine disruptors – what they are, what they do to your body, and where you can find them
  • What you need to know about genetically modified organisms, and why and how to go GMO-free

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