This episode of Birth Kweens features Lindsey Bliss of Carriage House Birth. Lindsey is a doula, mom of 7 (including TWO sets of twins!), co-director of Carriage House Birth, and author of the amazing new book The Doula’s Guide to Empowering Your Birth. Here’s what she and the Kweens talked about in this episode:

  • A brief overview of Lindsey’s first few births and how her experiences led her to become a birth worker
  • How she manages being a mom to 7 and an active birth worker (spoiler alert: it’s all about having a support network and embracing the mayhem!)
  • How Lindsey’s identity and sense of self shifted when she became a mom, especially since, for much of her life, she didn’t think she’d have any children (much less 7 of them!)
  • Why it’s so important to Lindsey to be authentic and speak candidly about birth and parenthood
  • What it’s been like for Lindsey to navigate the physical and emotional changes brought about by pregnancy and birth
  • Why reproductive justice and equal access to health care for marginalized groups are such important issues and what Lindsey’s doing to shed light on these topics
  • Click here to buy Lindsey’s new book (and here to follow the amazing artist, Stepha Lawson, who illustrated the book)
  • Click here to get more info about the Carriage House Birth doula trainings
  • Follow Lindsey on Instagram at @doulabliss and follow Carriage House Birth at @carriagehousebirth.

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