In this episode of Birth Kweens, Karly and Ali talk with the lovely Julia Evans about her two births. Julia had her first baby, Ollie, in an out-of-hospital birth center, and her second baby, Edie, was born at home. Karly was lucky enough to be present at both births, once as the birth assistant and once as the midwife. Ali and Karly talk with Julia about what it was like to have two unmedicated births, what made her choose a home birth the second time around, and what it’s like to reflect back on her birth experiences now that her kids are 8 and 10 years old. Julia also shares about experiencing a long and difficult back labor with her first, having a postpartum hemorrhage with her second, and bridging the gap between her pre-birth expectations and the realities of her birth experiences after it was all said and done. This is a really great episode full of candid stories and lots of laughs. We hope you enjoy it, kweens!

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