In this episode of Birth Kweens, Karly and Ali talk with Genavie and Colt Stevens about the birth of their 6th child, Tabitha. Karly was lucky enough to be the midwife for their home birth and Ali has a great time interviewing the three of them about Tabitha’s birth. The highlights of this episode include:

  • A quick overview of Genavie’s first 5 births, which included 4 medicated vaginal deliveries and 1 emergency cesarean
  • What it was like to recover (both physically and emotionally) from the emergency cesarean with baby #5
  • How Colt had a vasectomy after baby #5 because they were SO SURE that they were done having kids
  • The issues that Colt had with the vasectomy (can anyone say ACHY BALLS!?) and how Gen and Colt came to the decision to reverse the vasectomy and try for another one
  • The process of deciding to have a VBAC at home for baby #6
  • Gen and Colt’s expectations of how Tabitha’s labor and birth would go (quick and relatively easy) vs. how labor ACTUALLY went (long, challenging, and full of dad jokes)
  • Gen and Colt’s feelings about home birth and what it was like to have a baby in front of their 5 older kids

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