In this week’s episode of Birth Kweens, Karly and Ali get into the nitty gritty details of postpartum sex and fertility – YAS KWEEN! Here’s a list of the specific things that the gals cover in this episode:

  • How tearing during birth can impact postpartum sex
  • The details about perineal massage during pregnancy – does it really help prevent tearing and is it worth the time/energy/lubricant that it requires?!
  • When it’s safe to resume sex after giving birth and the risks associated with having sex before you’re completely healed
  • The wide spectrum of normal when it comes to how soon women are ready to resume sex postpartum
  • The various kinds of sensations that women can experience during postpartum sex and some possible root causes of discomfort/pain
  • The impact that breastfeeding can have on sex, including libido and lubrication
  • The importance of talking with your partner as early as possible about realistic expectations regarding postpartum sex
  • The emotional and lifestyle changes of the postpartum period and how those factors can impact sex
  • How pelvic floor physical therapy can help with painful intercourse (and all manner of pelvic floor dysfunction!)
  • The importance of reconnecting with your body/vagina in the postpartum period and how doing some self-exploration with lubricant can aid in understanding the physical changes that have occurred and whether there’s any scar tissue
  • The impact of postpartum mood disorders on sex drive
  • How thyroid issues can impact libido
  • Fertility in the postpartum period – when it comes back and how you know that you’re fertile again
  • How breastfeeding impacts fertility and whether it is REALLY an effective means of birth control
  • How your birth control options change postpartum, especially if you’re breastfeeding

That’s all for this episode of the show! Thanks for listening, Kweens!

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