In this episode, Karly and Ali sit down with Monica, Ali’s best friend/N.O.K. (Number One Kween), to hear about the birth of her oldest child, Betsy. This birth did not go as planned and involved a lot of surrender, acceptance, and flexbility. Monica reflects beautifully on the steps she and her husband took to prepare for Betsy’s birth and what it was like to walk through labor, delivery, and the early postpartum period. Here are some of the specific points that Monica includes in Betsy’s birth story:

  • Planning on and preparing for a natural birth, including seeking out midwifery care, hiring a doula, and taking a Hypnobirthing classes
  • The impact that being raised in culture of body shame had on Monica’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences
  • How it was empowering to take an interest in her birth experience and plan for a low-intervention birth
  • What it was like to go 2 weeks over due (aka – EMOTIONAL WARFARE) and all the natural induction tools that Monica tried
  • Dealing with cervical scar tissue, back labor, and thick meconium throughout labor
  • The use of an epidural and Pitocin despite her original plan to have an unmedicated, low-intervention birth
  • Processing her birth experience in the months following Betsy’s birth
  • How Monica and Ali fell in love and became best kween friends because of Betsy’s birth

Enjoy, Kweens!!

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