In today’s episode we’re talking with Maria Pokluda about placenta encapsulation. Maria is a doula, childbirth educator, and placenta encapsulator who teaches encapsulation workshops through her training organization, BEST Placenta. In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of placenta consumption
  • A book about the topic – Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra
  • The existing data on placenta consumption
  • The benefits, risks, and contraindications of consuming your placenta
  • What’s contained in the placenta and the benefits of those active ingredients
  • The difference between placenta pills and tincture and how a tincture can be used long term
  • The different methods of preparing a placenta for encapsulation
  • Storage recommendations for placenta pills and tinctures
  • The average number of pills people get
  • Maria’s recommended dosing schedule
  • A discussion about the CDC’s warning against placenta consumption
  • Questions to ask your placenta encapsulators
  • Click here to get more info about Maria’s placenta trainings


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