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We’re back for part two with Dr. Rose Schlaff, DPT, IF, WHC! If you didn’t catch her on last week’s episode about postpartum sex and intimacy, click here. This week’s episode is all about the vadge gadge! That is, all of the different kinds of tools that can be used to help heal postpartum and promote a fulfilling sex life. She reviews what’s going on anatomically in the pelvic floor and why dysfunction can exist, especially after pregnancy and birth. In the vadge gadge department, she shares about yoni eggs, kegel apps (such as kGoal and Elvie), vibrators, vaginal moisturizers, lube (such as Good Clean Love and Slippery Stuff), vaginal dilators, pelvic wands, and pessaries. If you’d like to make the spray Dr. Rose mentioned, here’s the recipe: 3 drops of lavender EO and 3 drops of geranium EO mixed with 30mL of fractionated coconut oil.

Dr. Rose is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Women’s Sexual Health Coach who believes that intimacy can and should be fun, fearless, and pain-free. In her one-on-one virtual sexual health coaching practice, she specializes in helping women overcome discomfort during sex, reclaim intimacy, and spark pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.  In addition to her Women’s Sexual Health Coaching practice, Dr. Rose practices as a pelvic floor physical therapist at Comprehensive Therapy Services in San Diego, CA where she specializes in hands-on treatment of bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction. To learn more about Dr. Rose, go to, check her out on instagram @bewellwithrose, or get in touch with her at

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