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Today we’re talking with the indomitable Sabia Wade about how racism and white-centering are negatively impacting black birthing people, their babies, and black birth workers. Sabia is a Black and Queer Full Spectrum Doula, Doula Business Coach and Reproductive Justice Advocate located in San Diego, CA. In 2015, she began as a volunteer doula with The Prison Birth Project. In her role as a volunteer doula, she assisted incarcerated and formerly incarcerated parents, as well as parents in recovery. In 2018, she decided to quit her day job and create a sustainable and abundant life in a meaningful way. She is now the Executive Director of For The Village, a nonprofit that provides doula services to low income and marginalized people in San Diego county, and owner of Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, where she trains full spectrum doulas all over the world. Click here to get more info about Sabia’s upcoming trainings on Racism & Privilege in Birth and be sure to follow her on Instagram @theblackdoula.

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